Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Ka-Chow! Colt is 3!

Without a doubt, of all the events I plan, my favorites end up being the ones I plan for my boy. This year's birthday party was the best by far because he was old enough to understand what was going on, get in on the planning and get excited about the day that was created just for him! His first love right now is Cars...Cars movie, Cars toys, Cars of course, we had to have a Cars party! The best part of the day was watching his face light up...Happy 3rd Birthday, Baby Boy!

These were the photos I took for the invitations. Colt's Cars logo was made by
this Etsy shop:

Birthday Boy! His party shirt was made by BabyCakes82211 on Etsy.

Welcome Table

All the guests wrote Birthday messages on his birthday tablecloth. This is a tradition my Mom started for me and my brother: when he's too old for parties and we have family birthday dinners, we'll put out the birthday tablecloth for him to look back and remember all the great birthdays he had and the people that he shared them with!

It was hot on party day, but thank goodness for the breeze! The balloons were a-blowin'!

Maybe my favorite party detail: Road table covers! And so easy to make: just strips of yellow duct tape!

DIY Birthday Banner!

Food table. Flo's V8 Cafe, of course! Signs were made from actual photos I took at CarsLand in DCA, printed out in tile format and glued to poster board.

Close-up of the applesauce labels!

LOVE these little Mater cups from the Disney Store!

Drink table!

Motor Oil...aka Sweet Tea.

Antifreeze...aka Blue Lemonade.

These were a big hit! Found these on Amazon and put each child's name on them!

The Cake! Made by Skiff's Bakery.

Favors for the kiddos: each box had a Cars cup, Cars stickers and Cars fruit snacks inside.

And favors for the grown-ups! These marshmallow pops were made by a good friend who makes delicious desserts and all of the proceeds go to fund their adoption from Ethiopia. Check out Baby Cakes on Facebook!

Our first 'Bounce' experience! Colt loved it so much, I think he spent 90% of the party in there!

Ramone's House of  "Temporary Tatoo" Body Art!

Christian and Rhiannon

I've known Christian almost as long as I've known my Husband...he and Christian have been best friends since elementary school! And we loved Rhiannon from the minute Christian introduced us to her...couldn't be happier that the two of them are finally married!
They had a small, intimate ceremony with a larger reception afterwards. I was honored to be asked to make a few flower arrangements for their ceremony, including my first experience with succulents!
Congrats Christian and Rhiannon! We're so happy for you!

Groom's succulent and peony boutonniere. 

Bridesmaid's wrist corsages, made with peonies, succulents and snap dragons.

Bride's succulent, peony, hydrangea and snap dragon bouquet.

Another view of the Bride's the gold glitter bow she chose!

Had to share my favorite shot that I took from their ceremony!