Monday, June 27, 2016

Landon is Three!

My littlest baby is not so little anymore! Still on a high from Landon's party this past much fun!
For Landon, this last year has been all about trains, all the time...with Thomas being his favorite! And we knew we had to have his party on a train car at Travel Town! (For those that aren't SoCal natives, Travel Town is an outdoor "museum" of sorts with retired trains and cars that guests can walk around and look at and sometimes climb on!) For more info on Travel Town, visit here.
Landon's number 3 photo we did for his invitations might look familiar...I took a similar photo for Colt with cars for his 3rd birthday too! Because y'all know I'm a sucker for tradition!
Landon's Thomas and Percy mocs (which turned out sooo cute) are from a favorite shop of mine: here and his number 3 shirt is from a sweet shop on Etsy!
Happy 3rd Birthday, Landon!