Monday, January 23, 2012

Nutcracker Sweet

As far back as I can remember, I have always loved The Nutcracker Ballet. In junior high and high school I had the opportunity to be a member of a ballet company that put on performances of The Nutcracker every to live my dream! Even though I no longer dance with them, it has become a Christmas tradition for my Mom and me to go see a performance of their Nutcracker every year. A few years ago during intermission we noticed the ornaments that were on the Christmas Tree in the lobby of the theater.  Each ornament had been decorated to look like each of the characters in the ballet. The ornaments were "wearing" tiny little replicas of the costumes the dancers wore on the stage...and some of them were costumes that I had worn when I danced with them! I completely fell in love...and knew I had to make my own! My Mom and I began studying each one in an attempt to figure out how they were made.  We shopped all the after Christmas sales to get the supplies and two years later...we finally finished the set! I am so excited to share a few of these with you...they are so special to me because they bring back memories from Christmases past when I danced in the Nutcracker...enjoy!

Disclaimer: I cannot take credit for creating these this case I'm a total copycat. ; )

Marie, the heroine of the story.

The Nutcracker and the Mouse King

The Snow Queen

The Spanish, Arabian and Chinese Variations.

Mirliton Variation

The Flower Queen

The Sugarplum Fairy

Sunday, January 22, 2012

It's a Jungle in Here!

Sometimes my favorite events are the ones that I get to collaborate with friends!  It gives me an opportunity to spend some extra time with them and reminds me of how talented they are!
My most recent friendly collaboration was for a Jungle Baby Shower for my friend's new little one, Judah!  Check out how talented my friends are!

Onsie invitations created by Events Not Forgotten.
The centerpieces that doubled as the favors!
Cookie pops stuck in floral foam, brown terra cotta pots, Easter grass and grosgrain ribbon!
Made by Events Not Forgotten.

The Mommy and Daddy to be sat here to open their gifts.
My amazing friend Katie made the pennant!
All of the food was made by more talented friends...we named each dish after a different jungle animal!
Labels by Events Not Forgotten.