Thursday, January 27, 2011

Anna's Luau Shower

Since I never had sisters of my own, I am so glad I married a man with 3 of them.  And I was so honored to be asked to help throw my sister-in-law a baby shower for her second child...and her first baby girl!
The shower was Luau themed and I was excited to decorate with bright colors!  My favorite decoration?  The clothesline with all of the colorful summer outfits...I can't wait to see my new little niece wearing them!

These diaper cupcakes were the centerpieces!

Made from a newborn size diaper and a baby washcloth...

...topped with little drink umbrellas!

My Husband allowed me to use his surfboard in my decorating.

Hawaiian Baby clothesline!  

Dustin and Rina

My good friends Dustin and Rina found a beautiful space with tall white columns for their outdoor wedding...the only problem was the space behind the columns that was not so beautiful...and I'm so glad they asked me to help!  I made a few silver satin panels that hung behind the columns, but what made their ceremony over-the-top amazing was the light from the sun that peeked over the curtains just as their ceremony began...which I canNOT take credit for, but I'm so happy I had a small part in making their wedding special!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Big Announcement for a Little Dude

Last May I became a Mommy for the first time!  "Little Dude" (as he is affectionately called) has provided my Husband and me with hours of laughter, many adventures and fun firsts!
I hate to admit it, but even before he was born I had his birth announcements my head of course.  What I failed to realize was that assembling announcements from scratch while caring for a newborn would take twice as long!  But it was so worth it...I really loved how they turned out!

Photo by Kristen Self Photography:

Those are my son's actual footprints!  I made his footprints with acrylic paint on cardstock, scanned them into my computer as jpegs and converted them to black and white to achieve the "faded" look.